What is the difference between native and hybrid mobile app?

The native mobile app is a program that has been coded in a specific programming language. For instance Objective C, Swift programming languages are used for Apple devices, Java for Android phones. A hybrid app is built using web technology without the knowledge of a specific programming language, the wrote code is compatible for multiple platforms but with a big drop of the performance. Write native app require to know these specific languages and to build it for each platform separately. The cost of development and management increase but the performance and the user experience are much better.

Do you make custom design?

Of course, we always do it. The products of our customers are unique.

Is my data safe with your IoT Solutions?

The only data in safety are those in a computer with wifi and network cable disconnected. But we use in our products the last technology for an always better security like cryptographic communication protocol TLS 1.3 and many more.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of designing a website specifically for search engines like Google with the goal of obtaining the highest possible rankings

What about support?

We always support our clients for any question or issue.

Do your services comply the new GDPR regulation?

Yes of course,  all of our solutions are built with the compliance of the new European Parliament regulation.

Which type of system automation do you install?

We use Knx, Savekey and many others.

Are your cloud solutions adaptable to the growth of my company over time?

Yes, they are. Our cloud services are fully scalable to the needs of your company.

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